Oriental Cheongsam

Made popular by Shanghai celebrities in the 20’s, the modern Cheongsam has since gained recognition in the international arena of high fashion. The Shanghai-style Cheongsam features a form-fitting dress with high collar and slits, and a sleek cut that accentuates the slender curves of Chinese women. The Cheongsam is a highly visible aspect of Chinese weddings, which still feature many aspects of traditional culture. In addition to a western-style white wedding dress, many Chinese brides opt for a Cheongsam during the tea ceremony and the traditional ying bin (迎宾) which is the welcoming of guests at the wedding reception. Wedding day Cheongsams are bright and delightful, adorned with intricate embellishments that symbolise happiness and prosperity.

Envisioning wearing a modern cheongsam for your tea ceremony or second march in? Look no further! Book an appointment with us to try on these beautiful cheongsams from our Oriental collection.

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